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Welcome to the VECC TV information page.
The VECC TV crew is offered to students in the 7th or 8th grade.  VECC TV is an evolving club/activity.  There are currently two pieces that make up the VECC TV.  VECC TV itself and The Falcon News.  VECC TV will consist of multimedia, film, photography, reporting, and video production within the district.  The Falcon News will center around producing the live morning news.  Students who join the VECC TV will also be involved with The Falcon News if they can meet the additional requirements.
VECC TV - Students will participate in activities before, during, and after school hours as well as scheduled meetings.
The Falcon News - In addition to the VECC TV activities, the news crew must be able to be meet before school hours on a daily basis. This requirement must be met in order to produce the live morning news.
Some of the job descriptions are listed below.  If you are interested in joining the VECC TV or The Falcon News please click the link below to fill out and submit the interest form.
Producer/ Director - Organizes the crew, assigns jobs, over-sees whole production, and keeps everyone on task. Calls the camera shots to the Technical Director, gives direction.
Technical Director - Operates the video switcher. Plays the Pledge, displays graphics, Show Open and any other special videos in the show. Records show, Listens to the Director.
Audio Engineer - Operates the audio mixer. Balances all audio levels as they happen.
Camera/Lights Operator - Responsible for operation of the video camera during broadcast: shooting live production. Responsible for lighting checks. Turn off cameras and charge. Turn off lights.
Computer Graphics/Video Editor - Designs and displays the graphics for the show. Creates any videos in the show. Responsible for handing off graphics to the Technical Director. Edit final show, place on site. Teleprompter Operator - Operates the teleprompter during the show. Change script for correct anchors, changes.  Format script and test with anchors.
Anchors - write the script for the next day and give it to the teleprompter operator. Fill in any last minute changes/scores/announcements etc. (It has to be approved first). Work with Teleprompter Operator before show.