The Ventnor Educational Community Complex is a high performing school district led under the leadership of Superintendent Carmela Somershoe. The Board of Education members for the 2019-2020 school year include:  Mr. Douglas Biagi (President), Ms. Kim Bassford (Vice President),  Mr. Albert Battaglia, Jr., Mr. Michael J Hagelgans, Mr. Michael Advena, Mrs. Lori Abbott.

               The 2019-2020 School year brings new programming to the district that includes a full-day Self-Contained Multiply Disabled Classroom, a new Science Series for Grades 6-8 as well as visiting Therapy Dogs. The Self-Contained classroom currently has five students enrolled. These students are guided throughout their day by a highly experienced special education teacher. Grades 6-8 have begun this school year under the Next Generation Science Standards through Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Science Fusion. This program not only aligns to the NGSS standards but uses interactive labs both online and in person to boost Inquiry based learning. The district will begin using Therapy dogs to enhance our basic skills program, our self-contained program, as well as where needed to ensure that all students have a chance to share the love of reading and an understanding of assistance where applicable. Another very exciting addition to the year will be one to one devices for our 3rd through 8th grade students. Students will be using Dell 11 inch touchscreen laptops with Office 365 programs.

               All teaching staff began the year on new Dell Latitude 7350s. This initiative of mobile devices began in the Spring of 2016. Teachers can all wirelessly connect to televisions and smartboards within classrooms. The mobility allows for teachers to have a device in small groups as well as collaborate in person and online with colleagues. All staff attended a workshop presented by Dell on Office 365 which all students in Grades 3-8 will have access to. This includes programs such as OneNote, Sway, Mix in addition to PowerPoint, Word, Excel and email. Students in Grades 3-8 will use these programs during the 2019-2020 school year. All staff and students have free access to download programs on up to five personal devices for school use.

               Returning online programs for the district include Achieve 3000, IXL, First in Math, Think Central, Big Ideas, and Pearson. Achieve 3000 (Kid Biz (Grades 3-5) and TeenBiz (Grades 6-8)) is a reading program that delivers non-fiction text to students based on lexile level. IXL (Grades 3-8) is a Standards Based Mathematics program that partners with our Go Math and Big Ideas programs to allow for additional practice by strand. First in Math (Grades 1-2) is set up in game form to allow additional practice in Mathematics. Think Central gives online access to Go Math (Grades K-5) and Science Fusion (Grades 6-8). Think Central for Go Math allows students to access not only online text but Soar to Success, a teaching tool, and Mega Math which enriches the lessons. Big Ideas (Grades 6-8) offers online access to text and a record/practice journal. Pearson (Grades 1-4 Social Studies and Grades 1-5 Science) allows for online access to text. Students can access all programs through our website ( under student resources). Students in Grades 1 and 2 will join the Achieve 3000 program in mid- October with Smarty Ants. This program differentiates instruction based on student reading level and delivers online practice based upon that level.  In addition to the online programs, the district will continue to be using Creative Curriculum in our Pre School classrooms.

               The Ventnor School District will be continuing our goal of decreasing student absenteeism. Data shows in our Elementary School, we have decreased chronic absenteeism from 16.6% to 11.3% and in our Middle School, we have decreased from 10.9% to 6.4%. This can be attributed to our work through SAM (School Attendance Matters). Each day, the homerooms with perfect attendance are announced and each month an award is given to the homeroom with the best attendance.

Are you new to the community?  If so, have you checked out our district website?   Log on to  today!  All student forms, school calendars, and information about our school district can be accessed on our website.  Please explore the many links on our website and view our new parking lot procedures video. This video was created in collaboration with the VCPD, the Administration at VECC and concerned parents.

Looking for a career in education?  The district is currently hiring substitute teachers, substitute aides as well as substitute school nurses. This summer, we held a great orientation at the end of August for all new and returning substitutes. This allowed for the district to review our goals and procedures with our guest teachers. Information regarding substituting is available on our website under employment opportunities.

The Ventnor Educational Community Complex thrives on our community members.  We look forward to all of our parents and guardians becoming board approved volunteers. If you have questions regarding volunteering in your child’s classroom, please contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Cahill at extension 5290.   We look forward to working with you as we embark on another successful school year!

Dr. Carmela Somershoe

Superintendent/ Principal Pre-K - grade 3

(609)487-7900 Ext:5000

Mr. Rob Baker

Principal Grade 4 - 8

(609)487-7900 Ext:5200

Mrs. Allison Ricciotti

Supervisor of Special Education and ELL Services / ESSA/Pre-School

(609)487-7900 Ext:5030

Mrs. Terri Nowotny

Business Administrator

(609)487-7900 Ext:5130

District Goals

Ventnor Educational Community Complex

District Goals 2019-2020


The Ventnor Board of Education and Superintendent have established the following goals in an effort to meet the needs of the children of the Ventnor School Community and the Ventnor Community at-large.

The Superintendent, in cooperation with the Board of Education, and the Administrative Team, will Ensure Fiscal Responsibility via conservative spending, generating revenue, and creatively cutting costs.

The Superintendent, in cooperation with the Board of Education, and the Administrative Team, will Increase Test Scores as a result of strengthening curriculum, obtaining additional resources for areas of weakness, providing professional development for staff, and increasing attendance.

The Superintendent, in cooperation with the Board of Education, and the Administrative Team, will Foster Community Involvement/ Communication as we modernize website, collaborate with families and community members, establish partnerships with area businesses and institutions, and provide incentives for teachers to become more involved.

The Superintendent, in cooperation with the Board of Education, and the Administrative team will Foster Staff Empowerment as we encourage teachers to go above and beyond their classroom walls to follow their passions, to bring special events and grants into the district, engage in professional dialogue; as administrators provide guidance to staff in order to support and recognize new initiatives.

The Superintendent, in cooperation with the Board of Education, and the Ventnor City Chief of Police, will Develop Best Practices in how schools can cooperatively work together with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our students.