Gifted and Talented

The Ventnor City Public School is committed to meeting the needs of all students including but not limited to our ELL, Special Education, and our Gifted and Talented Students.  

Identification Criteria

Timeline of Identification Process

The Ventnor Schools begin the identification process yearly on May 1st.

Parents/Guardians are notified of placement into the program on or before August 15th. 

Continuum of Services Provided

The Ventnor City Schools begins the GT program in grades K-2 with a push in model that allows for the GT teacher to observe and offer enrichment activities to the students. Grades 3 and 4 have a pull-out GT program that enhances content areas and allows for students to explore topics of interest. Grades 5-8 GT students participate in accelerated learning including Spanish 1 and Algebra 1 courses in Grade 8. The District Curriculum provides suggestions for all content areas to enrich all GT students in the program across all subjects. 

Current District Policy for Gifted and Talented

How can Parents/Guardians address questions/concerns/file a complaint

Ventnor Elementary School

Mrs. Jenna DiMauro

Elementary School Guidance Counselor

Dr. Carmela Somershoe

Elementary School Principal

Ventnor Middle School

Mrs. Chelsea Hoffman

Middle School Guidance Counselor

Mr. Robert Baker

Middle School Principal

District GT Coordinator

Mrs. Alison Ricciotti

Supervisor of Special Education