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400 N. Lafayette Ave. | Ventnor, NJ 08406 | (609) 487-7900
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Ventnor Educational Community Complex

400 N. Lafayette Ave.
Ventnor, NJ 08406
(609) 487-7900


Located along the shores of Atlantic County, the Ventnor Educational Community Complex is a Best Practices School District.

The Ventnor City Public School District operates one building known as the Ventnor Educational Community Complex (VECC). The VECC was built in 1970 with additions constructed in 1974, 1983, 1997, and 2001. The district consists of two separate schools known as the Ventnor Elementary School and the Ventnor Middle School. The Elementary School consists of grades pre-school through fourth servicing a total of 438 students. The Middle School consists of grades five through eight servicing a total of 328 students.

Our elementary school programs include a full day preschool program and a full day program for students in grades Kindergarten through fourth. Academic and computer assisted instructional programs include language arts literacy, math, science, social studies, and writing. The related arts include physical education, health, art, music, computer instruction, library, and world language classes. Additional programs include instrumental music lessons, gifted and talented, basic skills, ESL, and special education. New to our programs this year, STEM introduces students to critical thinking and problem solving related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math starting in kindergarten. Numerous after school activities focus on developing good work habits with teacher assistance. Our summer reading incentives further showcase our commitment to student success.

 Our middle school provides a full range of educational services appropriate to grades five through eight.  Academic courses include the five core subjects consisting of reading, English, mathematics, social studies, and science.  Related arts  programs open to all students include art, music, computers, technology, instrumental music, health, physical education, and world language.  Other programs include English as a Second Language, Algebra, Title One, and Special Education.

 The middle school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including interscholastic sports in soccer, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, and track and field.  Additional extracurricular activities include National Junior Honor Society, Think Day, Student Council, Band, Chorus, and the School Play.  Our academic afterschool programs include computer aided instruction, study halls, and mathematics / language tutoring.  The VECC emphasizes the use of technology in teaching and learning.  The Media Center is equipped with networked computers and other “state of the art” technology.  Wireless laptops and netbooks are being used in all grade levels.  In 2014, the district became wireless.

What makes the Ventnor School District unique is its diverse, multicultural student population. Students in our school may speak one of 23 different languages and come from a multitude of countries. Each student brings a unique life experience to our school. Most recently Ventnor students were comprised of 35% White, 41% Hispanic, 15% Asian, 5% Black, 0% American Indian, and 0% Multi Ethnicity. Students proudly perform shows and exhibit items that are created throughout the year to emphasize the various cultures in our school.

The strength of the Ventnor Educational Community Complex is the dedication of our staff. Each day they come into the building, not just as administrators, teachers, and support staff, but as mentors and role models for our students. As they leave the building each afternoon, they know that they have made a difference in a young child's life. Another feature of our school is Character Education. Each month, the students and teachers emphasize a new character trait. Each day, the students recite our school pledge designed to remind the children of our commitment to excellence. The theme of our district is: "At the VECC- We Think Achievement." At the end of every marking period, each class celebrates with a Fabulous Fun Day Activity to reward the students who were not referred for disciplinary action. It is our goal to facilitate a positive environment for learning and growing, where students believe they can achieve in academics and foster their own innate talents through all endeavors.

The Ventnor School District offers an exceptional educational program that encourages students to become lifelong learners and thereby enrich the community and world in which they live. As Superintendent, my number one priority is to provide for my students the finest education available. I am a firm believer that children can meet the challenges for tomorrow if they are given the opportunity to shine. The children of Ventnor are educated in a safe, fun, and stimulating environment. Each child is expected to strive to do their best.






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