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 Parent Portal


 New Jersey Parent and Family Portal (NJDOE)


 Elementary Parent Letter from Guidance Counselor (Looking for the Good)


Looking for the Good! (further information)




Homeless Liaison


If you are a Ventnor resident who is experiencing any difficulties with housing, please call our Homeless Liaison.


Please use the link below for more information.


Homeless Liaison contact information:

Ms. Francine Kirschenbaum

(609) 487-7900 ext. 5050



Parent School Client Survey Spring 2019




Homework Help


Use the Homework Help 101 link which contains a video that will help you navigate the following programs

The Parent Portal, AR (Accelerated Reader), IXL and TeenBiz/KidBiz


Homework Help 101 (video)


Homework Help 101 (pdf)




 Username: first letter initial last name@ventnor      ( ex. jdoe@ventnor)

Password: Student ID number


TeenBiz/ KidBiz

Username : First name.last name   ( ex. Jane.Doe)

Password: Student ID number


AR at Home

Username: first letter of first name and first four letters of last name   ( ex. JDoe)

Password: Student ID number



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