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Board Policy Manual

Folder Table of Contents (9 Files)
pdf file Table of Contents, Complete
pdf file 1000 Community Relations
pdf file 2000 Administration
pdf file 3000 Business and Non-Instructional Operations
pdf file 4000 Instructional and Support Personnel
pdf file 5000 Students
pdf file 6000 Instruction
pdf file 7000 Construction, Remodeling and Renovation
pdf file 9000 Bylaws of the Board
Folder 1000 - Community Relations (18 Files)
pdf file 1000 Concepts and Role in Community Relations, Goals and Objectives
pdf file 1100 Communicating With The Public
pdf file 1110 Media
pdf file 1111 District Publications
pdf file 1120 Board of Education Meetings
pdf file 1140 Distribution of Materials by Pupils and Staff
pdf file 1200 Participation by the Public
pdf file 1200.1 Volunteers
pdf file 1220 AD HOC Advisory Committees
pdf file 1230 School Connected Organizations
pdf file 1250 Visitors
pdf file 1251 Loitering or Causing Disturbances
pdf file 1312 Community Complaints and Inquiries
pdf file 1315 Advertising on School Property by Outside Organizations
pdf file 1322 Contests for Students
pdf file 1330 Use of School Facilities
pdf file 1410 Local Units
pdf file 1600 Relations Between Other Entities and the District
Folder 2000 - Administration (10 Files)
pdf file 2000 Concepts and Roles in Adminisration Goals and Objectives
pdf file 2121 Line of Responsibility
pdf file 2121 Organization chart
pdf file 2130 Principal Evaluation
pdf file 2130R Principal Evaluation Regulation
pdf file 2131 Chief School Administrator
pdf file 2210 Administrative Leeway
pdf file 2224 Nondiscrimination Affirmative Action
pdf file 2240 Research, Evaluation and Planning
pdf file 2255 Action Planning for NJQSAC
Folder 3000 - Business & Non-instructional Operations (39 Files)
pdf file 3000 Concepts and Roles in Business and Noninstructional Operations
pdf file 3100 Budget Planning Preparation and Adoption
pdf file 3160 Transfer of Funds
pdf file 3220, 3230 State Funds, Federal Funds
pdf file 3240 Tuition Income
pdf file 3250 Income from Fees, Fines and Charges
pdf file 3260 3270 Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies
pdf file 3280 Gifts Grants and Bequests
pdf file 3320 Purchasing Procedures
pdf file 3326 Payment for Goods and Services
pdf file 3326(R) Purchase Orders, Regulation
pdf file 3327 Relations with Vendors
pdf file 3327(R) 403b Vendor Requirements, Regulation
pdf file 3327(R) Use of Board Attorney, Regulation
pdf file 3400 Accounts
pdf file 3440 Inventories
pdf file 3450 Money in School Buildings
pdf file 3451 Petty Cash Funds
pdf file 3453 School Activity Funds
pdf file 3510 Operation and Maintenance of Plant
pdf file 3510.1 Energy Efficiency
pdf file 3510.2 Green and Healthy School Cleaning
pdf file 3514 Equipment
pdf file 3515 Smoking Prohibition
pdf file 3516 Safety
pdf file 3541.1 Transportation Routes and Services
pdf file 3541.3 Non-school Use of District Vehicles
pdf file 3541.31 Privately Owned Vehicles
pdf file 3541.31(R) Regulation-Privately Owned Vehicles
pdf file 3541.32 District Owned Vehicles
pdf file 3541.33 Transportation Safety
pdf file 3542 Food Service
pdf file 3542.1 Local Wellness, Nutrition
pdf file 3542.2 Wellness Policy Nutrient Standards for Meals and Other Foods
pdf file 3542.44 Purchasing
pdf file 3570 District Records and Reports
pdf file 3571.4 Audit
pdf file 3600 Evaluation of Business and Non-instructional Operations
pdf file 542.31 Free or Reduced Price Lunches, Milk
Folder 4000 - Instructional & Support Personnel (35 Files)
pdf file 4111 Recruitment Selection and Hiring
pdf file 4111.1 4211.1 NonDiscrimination Affirmative Action
pdf file 4111.2, 4211.2 Domestic Violence
pdf file 4112.2-Certification
pdf file 4112.4, 4212.4 Employee Health
pdf file 4112.4R 4212.4R Exposure Control Plan Regulation
pdf file 4112.6, 4212.6 Personnel Records
pdf file 4112.8, 4212.8 Nepotism
pdf file 4113, 4213 Assignment, Transfer
pdf file 4115 Supervision
pdf file 4116 Evaluation of Teaching Staff Members
pdf file 4116R Evaluation of Teaching Staff Members
pdf file 4117.4, 4217.4 Reduction in Force,Abolishing a Position
pdf file 4117.41 Rice Notice and Non-renewal
pdf file 4118.3, 4218.3 Staff Grievance
pdf file 4119.21, 4219.21 Conflict of Interest
pdf file 4119.22 4219.22 Conduct and Dress
pdf file 4119.23, 4219.23 Employee Substance Abuse
pdf file 4119.26,4219.26 Electronic Communication by School Staff
pdf file 4119.3 4219.3 Healthy Workplace
pdf file 4121 Substitute Teachers
pdf file 4122 Student Teachers, Interns
pdf file 4123 Classroom Aides Paraprofessionals
pdf file 4131, 4131.1 Staff Development Inservice Education Visitation Conferences
pdf file 4138, 4238 Non-school Employment
pdf file 4142, 4242 Payroll Authorization, Checks and Deductions
pdf file 4147, 4247 Employee Safety
pdf file 4151, 4251 Attendance Patterns
pdf file 4151.1, 4251.1 Personal Illness and Injury
pdf file 4151.2, 4251.2 Family Leave and Medical Leave
pdf file 4211 Recruitment Selection and Hiring
pdf file 4215 Supervision
pdf file 4216 Evaluation
pdf file 4222 Noninstructional Aides
pdf file 4231 Staff Development, In-service Education, Visitation, Conferences
Folder 5000 - Students (49 Files)
pdf file 5020 Role of Parents, Guardian
pdf file 5111 Admission
pdf file 5113 Attendance, Absences and Excuses
pdf file 5114 Suspension and Expulsion
pdf file 5118 Nonresidents
pdf file 5118.2 P Foster Care and Educational Stability
pdf file 5118.2 R Foster Care and Educational Stability
pdf file 5119 Transfers
pdf file 5120 Assessment of Individual Needs
pdf file 5124 Reporting to Parents, Guardians
pdf file 5125 Student Records
pdf file 5126 Awards for Achievement
pdf file 5127 Commencement Activities
pdf file 5131 Conduct and Discipline
pdf file 5131(Y) Student Behavior From Elem, Form
pdf file 5131(Y) Student Behavior From MS, Form
pdf file 5131.1 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
pdf file 5131.4 Gang Policy
pdf file 5131.5 Violence and Vandalism
pdf file 5131.6 Substance Abuse
pdf file 5131.6(R) Regulation-Substance Abuse
pdf file 5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
pdf file 5132 Dress and Grooming,School Uniforms
pdf file 5134 Married and Pregnant Students
pdf file 5136 Fund-Raising Activities
pdf file 5141 Health
pdf file 5141.1 Accidents
pdf file 5141.2 Illness
pdf file 5141.20 Food Allergies
pdf file 5141.21 Administering Medication
pdf file 5141.21R Administering Medication
pdf file 5141.22 Medical Marijuana
pdf file 5141.3 Health Examinations and Immunizations
pdf file 5141.4 Missing Abused and Neglected Children
pdf file 5141.4R Missing, Abused and Neglected Children_Regulation
pdf file 5141.8 Sports Related Concussion and Head Injury
pdf file 5142 Student Safety
pdf file 5142.1 Safety Patrols
pdf file 5142.2 (R) Physical Restraints, Regulation
pdf file 5142.2 Physical Restraints
pdf file 5142.5 Required Student ID Cards
pdf file 5145.11 Questioning and Apprehension
pdf file 5145.12 Search and Seizure
pdf file 5145.4 Equal Educational Opportunity
pdf file 5145.5 Photographs of Pupils
pdf file 5145.6 Pupil Grievance Procedure
pdf file 5145.7 Gender Identity and Expression
pdf file 5200 Nonpublic School Students
pdf file 5539 Student Suicide
Folder 6000 - Instruction (52 Files)
pdf file 6010 Goals and Objectives
pdf file 6111 School Calendar
pdf file 6112 School Day
pdf file 6114 Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness
pdf file 6115 Ceremonies and Observances
pdf file 6121 Nondiscrimination, Affirmative Action
pdf file 6122 Articulation
pdf file 6140 Curriculum Adoption
pdf file 6141 Curriculum Design, Development
pdf file 6141.2 Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs
pdf file 6142 Subject Fields
pdf file 6142.1 Family Life Education
pdf file 6142.10 Internet Safety and Technology
pdf file 6142.12 Career and Technical Education
pdf file 6142.13 HIV Prevention Education
pdf file 6142.2 English as a Second Language Bilingual Programs
pdf file 6142.4 Physical Education and Health
pdf file 6142.6 Basic Skills
pdf file 6142.9 Arts
pdf file 6143 Curriculum Guides
pdf file 6143.1 Lesson Plans
pdf file 6144 Controversial Issues
pdf file 6145 Extracurricular Activities
pdf file 6145.1, 6145.2 Intramural Interscholastic Competition
pdf file 6145.3 Publications
pdf file 6146.2 Promotion Retention
pdf file 6147 Standards of Proficiency
pdf file 6147.1 Evaulation of student performance
pdf file 6151 Class Size
pdf file 6153 Field Trips
pdf file 6154 Homework, Makeup Work
pdf file 6156 Instructional Planning, Scheduling
pdf file 6160 Instructional Services and Resources
pdf file 6161.1 Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Materials
pdf file 6161.2 Complaints Regarding Instructional Materials
pdf file 6162.4 Community Resources
pdf file 6162.5 Research
pdf file 6163.1 Media Center, Library
pdf file 6163.3 Therapy Dogs
pdf file 6164.1 Intervention and Referral
pdf file 6164.2 School Counseling Program
pdf file 6164.4 Child Study Team
pdf file 6171 Special Education Programs
pdf file 6171.1 Remedial Instruction
pdf file 6171.2 Gifted and Talented
pdf file 6171.3 Title I
pdf file 6171.4 Special Education
pdf file 6172 Alternative Educational Programs
pdf file 6173 Home Instruction
pdf file 6178 Early Childhood Education, Preschool
pdf file 6200 Adult, Community Education
pdf file 6300 Evaluation of the Instructional Program
Folder 7000 - Construction, Remodeling & Renovation (11 Files)
pdf file 7100 New Construction Evaluating Existing Buildings
pdf file 7110 Long-Range Facilities Planning
pdf file 7114.2 Temporary Facilities
pdf file 7115 Developing Educational Specification
pdf file 7200 Design, Architectural, Engineering Services
pdf file 7300 Financing
pdf file 7400 Bids
pdf file 7420 Contracts
pdf file 7430 Change Orders
pdf file 7440 Protection and Guarantees
Folder 9000 - Bylaws of the Board (23 Files)
pdf file 9000 Role of the Board
pdf file 9010 Role of the Member
pdf file 9020 Public Statements
pdf file 9111 Qualification, Background Checks
pdf file 9113 Filling Vacancies
pdf file 9121 Election and Duties of the President
pdf file 9130 Committees
pdf file 9200 Orientation and Training of Board Members
pdf file 9250 Expenses, Travel Reimbursement
pdf file 9270 Conflict of Interest
pdf file 9271 Code of Ethics
pdf file 9271.1 Board Member Use of Internet Social Networks and Other Forms Electronic Communication
pdf file 9311 Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policies
pdf file 9312 Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Bylaws
pdf file 9313 Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Administrative Regulations
pdf file 9314 Suspension of Policies, Bylaws and Regulations
pdf file 9321 Time, Place, Notification of Meetings
pdf file 9322 Public and Executive Sessions
pdf file 9323, 9324 Agenda Preparation, Advanced Delivery of Meeting Materials
pdf file 9325.4 Voting Method
pdf file 9325.4(X) Voting Method, Exhibit
pdf file 9326 Minutes
pdf file 9400 Board Self-Evaluation

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